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MARINELAND® BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit

$ 121.99 to $ 234.99
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      MARINELAND® BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit

      $ 121.99 to $ 234.99
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      This kit lets you build and maintain a beautiful aquatic environment suitable for small species of saltwater or freshwater fish. The Penguin 150 BioWheel power filter helps keep your aquarium water pure and healthy. Create a beautiful aquatic environment with the Marineland BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit. Ideal for small species of saltwater or freshwater fish, this aquarium features an elegant glass construction that's easy to clean and an LED lighting system that produces dazzling underwater light. The hood is stylized to reduce water evaporation, with hinges and a removable insert for easy access. Ensure your aquarium is positively pure with the help of the Penguin 150 BioWheel power filter.

      Features: LED Lighting System
      Includes: Aquarium, Hood, Penguin 150 Bio Wheel Power Filter, LED Lighting System, Submersible Heater, Thermometer, Fish Net, Low-Voltage AC Adapter, Rite-Size B Filter Cartridge, TetraMin Tropical Food Sample, AquaSafe Water Conditioner Sample
      Used For: Freshwater Fish & Saltwater Fish
      Tank Size: 20 gallon
      Dimensions: 14.5"L x26"W x 18.5"H
      Installation Type: Table
      Color: Black
      Shape: Rectangle
      Material: Glass
      Warranty: 1 year for Aquarium, Hood & Lighting, 3 years for Filter
      Compatible With:

      MARINELAND Penguin 150B Power Filter

      MARINELAND Penguin Rite Size B Power Filter Cartridges

      MARINELAND Penguin Rite Size B Power Filter Cartridges

      MARINELAND Penguin Rite Size B Power Filter Cartridges

      Customer Reviews

      Great Tank, Great Price Excellent Customer Service

      March 3, 2016

      I bought the 10 Gallon kit 6 weeks ago and have been enjoying this Tank with my Wife and son...
      I bought the 10 Gallon kit 6 weeks ago and have been enjoying this Tank with my Wife and son for five weeks now. Easy to set up, everything is there. I would have liked to see markings on the heater. but once set up the heater does a great job. My kit came without the trial packet of tetra safe start and food, and also had no filter pickup extension but one E-mail to Marineland and the stuff was on its way. The LED lmakes the fish look great and the moon light feature is really cool too.

      A quick way to get back into the Hobby!

      February 21, 2016

      Well we are now three weeks into the experience and the product has been working very well. It had been...
      Well we are now three weeks into the experience and the product has been working very well. It had been years ago that we had the aquarium set-up for the kids. We wanted the latest and greatest and a quick way to get into the hobby again. This kit was the answer. It has almost everything you will need in the box. The heater, filter system, tank and hood with LED lights all function very good. If you purchase the kit, before you walk out of the store don't forget the gravel, a quality fish food and a good thermometer. We found the maintenance items easily found at your local LFS's or box stores. I would recommend this system to anyone wishing to get back into the hobby. This kit will cost you under 70.00 on sale (10 gallon) but to complete the experience with live plants, air bubblers, fish and maintenance items plan on spending $ 200.00 easy. Our only draw back for us was our choice of size. I would highly recommend the 20 gallon as a min. A lot happens in an Aquarium and the smaller the body of water the more maintenance it may require. We have 5 live plants, 2 shrimp, 1 snail, two bubblers, one large rock and 6 fish. It is full and a beautiful set-up. The white or blue lighting is a bonus. The Bio-wheel filter system gets high reviews and has cleaned up the water after a 20% water change in about two hours. If you use luke warm water the heater will have the tank to temp and regulated within 24 hours. If I had to find a dis-advantage it maybe the heater, has a dial on top but no direction as to warmer or cooler. This is minor issue as it will take you 10 to 21 days before you can get fish. By then you will have it figured out. PS: clock-wise is hotter, while counter clock-wise is cooler on the heater, and remember you MUST "season" the water before adding fish. Have fun and enjoy your new community.

      Glass aquarium is good, all extras poor quality.

      February 10, 2016

      Upgraded the filter - my choice as it decreases overall issues in past. After 2 months of use - the...
      Upgraded the filter - my choice as it decreases overall issues in past. After 2 months of use - the light source adapter where it plugs into the LED has become incrusted and wiring broken away. The small plastic shield that protects the LED from the water is not sealed - water condenses and gets everywhere. This has ruined the LED wiring. I would have to strip the wires and re-attach them - and I do not have the skills for this. Heater is non submersible so you can only fill tank 2" from top which increases noise. Disappointed as it is a poor design.

      OK tank, but maybe questionable value

      January 21, 2016

      I found this kit in the store on sale at a considerable discount. It seemed like a great deal for...
      I found this kit in the store on sale at a considerable discount. It seemed like a great deal for the price, considering it came with a filter, heater, lid, and LED light. But now that I've had time to set everything up, I'm really dubious about whether it's such a great value. Here are the pros and cons, and you can decide: The filter that comes with it is not an expensive filter, but it's functional, and I think I had this identical filter on one of my tanks years ago. Replacement filter cartridges for it aren't expensive, and it has a slot that allows you to add extra filtration media if you want. It's a HOB (hang on back) filter, which means it's a bit ugly and obtrusive. And unfortunately, because of the way the lid is designed to fit around it, there's only one spot where you can hang it. Not a deal-breaker, but the other issue is that the filter is very loud compared to some of the newer designs out there. Within 2 days, I found the noise - combined with the unattractiveness of it - annoying enough that I replaced it. The kit also comes with a heater. On the positive side, its 100 watts were powerful enough to heat the 65 degree water from my tap to 75 degrees within a few hours. Also, it has an adjustable thermostat. Many cheaper heaters don't, so you can't heat your water to be a specific temperature. On the negative side, you still can't set it to a specific temperature and walk away, because there are no numbers on the dial. You have to fiddle around and experiment with it for a day or two, until you find the setting that will keep your water at the temperature you want. But honestly, that's pretty typical with all heaters. Even ones with numbers often don't heat accurately and require experimentation. Fortunately, the kit comes with a little stick-on thermometer so you can easily check temperature at a glance. Again, not an expensive accessory, but it's nice to not have to purchase separately. The bigger negative with the heater is that it's not fully submersible. The top of the heater has to stick out almost 2 inches above the water line. That means that if you fill your aquarium high enough so that the water line is hidden by the frame, the lid won't close properly. You have to leave a couple of inches of space at the top of the tank. That might not be a problem for a lot of people, but I think it's unsightly, so I had to purchase a submersible heater. The canopy (lid) and light are just okay, depending on what you want to put in the tank. The light fixture has both a daylight and twilight setting, which is nice. And it fits into an indentation in the top, so it has a nice, built-in look. If you plan to have live plants, you will need to limit yourself to plant types that don't require a lot of light, because the light is not powerful enough for a heavily planted tank, and it mostly only covers the center of the tank, leaving the edges a bit dim. Unfortunately, because of the way it's designed to fit into the canopy, it's not easily upgradable to a better light unless you replace the whole canopy as well. So for me personally, this purchase wasn't a great decision. Before too long, I'll end up replacing everything except the tank itself, and basic glass tanks are much cheaper than what I paid for this kit. But maybe because I've had aquariums before, I'm a bit pickier than the average person starting out with their first tank. This kit was intended as a beginner's kit for people who want all the essentials in one package and are intimidated by the thought of having to pick out each piece separately. And it works for that. But in truth, you're paying a bit of a premium for that convenience. Once you've had this tank up and running for even a short while, you're probably going to want to upgrade some of the components. Better filters, heaters, and light fixtures are available for a price comparable to what you pay to get these ones as part of a kit. A little bit of online research, or a conversation with a knowledgeable salesperson, can really help you get a setup you'll be happier with, and still stay within your budget. It just depends on whether you want to put in a little bit of extra time and effort.
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